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Be the first to write about a building or structure


  Be the first to write about a house, building or structure. Why not write about when you built your own home - or the story of when your grandparents built the houses on the farm. Is there a mysterious structure in your neighbourhood that you should...

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Daydream believer - connecting to history


  IF THERE IS one thing that I miss from the days of childhood and adolescence it is the ability to dive into the intense world of daydreaming. Of being in a place where no boundaries exist and where energy could be found in abundance. IT IS ONLY no...

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First came the natural disasters – then came the Black Death

Illustration photo - Tabthipwatthana -

  The Black Death – mother of all plagues - ravaged humankind in the mid 1300s. The pandemic erupted after decades of terrible natural disasters happening all over the world. Anton Ludvig Faye – a Norwegian researcher of medical history - gave a lectur...

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Free is our Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela 2008 | Photo: South Africa The Good News -

  Nelson Mandela, friend of humanity, has died at the age of 95. We have a great deal to thank him for. Not only was he a chief for his own people but a guiding beacon for all of humankind. Free Nelson Mandela said Jerry Dammers in the 1980's hit so...

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Genealogy in reverse – sending knowledge to the future


  Genealogy is a great and important experience – searching for one’s roots and family history. But are we in our quest to look for our origins making one big mistake – forgetting to record - in a structured fashion - the knowledge of the current set o...

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Gustav Dalseg


  Gustav Dalseg and his family - of Norwegian descent - are mentioned in the book "History of emigration from Nordmøre - part NIII-4 Fergus Falls - Otter Tail County - Underwood" by Dordi Glærum Skuggevik. Obituary Gustav Dalseg, 88,...

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Helen A. Westphal


  Helen Bergeim Westphal was one of the contributors to the book "History of emigration from Nordmøre – Stangvik and Surnadal Parish (Norway))" - Part IV - published in 1986 by Dordi Glærum Skuggevik. Obituary Westphal, Helen A. (Nee...

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Help someone tell their life story


  ALTHOUGH IT FEELS as if the internet has been around for always, it is in fact a relatively new thing. For a lot of people - especially the more mature generations - the use of computers and surfing the web is something that they may never experience...

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I will leave all the lights on


  A mother's song to the child that is lost. I will wait - for your return Safe back home - safe with me I will leave the lights on - so you can see Your way back home - back to me I will always remember I will always wait I will lea...

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In memory of those who died in Oslo and on Utøya


  With this humble memory profile we remember those who died in Oslo and on Utøya 22 July 2011. We lift them up with the force of love and togetherness - to the place where we all one day will find our haven of rest and of unbreakable peace. To the pla...

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Ira Owen Østbø


  Ira Owen Østbø was one of the contributors to the book "History of emigration from Nordmøre – Stangvik and Surnadal Parish (Norway))" - Part V - published in 1986 by Dordi Glærum Skuggevik. Obituary Ira Owen OSTBO Died suddenly at h...

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Izz al-Arab Matar gave his life for a free Libya

Izz al-Arab Matar

  The Libyan author Hisham Matar - author of the novel "Anatomy of a Disappearance" - wrote these words in honour of his cousin Izz al-Arab Matar who gave his life for a free Libya. By Hisham Matar My cousin Izz al-Arab Matar, a 22-ye...

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James Arness – western hero and Norwegian viking

James Arness in "Gunsmoke". |  Publicity photo.

  Are you hailing from Sykkylven in Møre og Romsdal, Norway? Well, then you might be related to the great film and television icon that was James Arness. In 1887, his grandfather Peter Andreas Olson Aursnes emigrated from Norway to America. The farm an...

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Kathryn Maiolini

Norwegian landscape - © Bernt Ove -

  Kathryn Aune Maiolini was one of the contributors to the book "History of emigration from Nordmøre – Stangvik and Surnadal Parish (Norway))" - Part III - published in 1986 by Dordi Glærum Skuggevik. Obituary Kathryn Maiolini, 93, of...

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Listing of emigrants from Meldal - Sør-Trøndelag, Norway - part I

"Emigrants" by Gustav Wentzel, painted in Vågå 1903.

  When reading through the local history books for Meldal - hundreds of names with the word 'Amerika' next to them start appearing. People who left their ancestral Norway seeking a new future in the mythical America. So far from home - so far from the...

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Norway - the secret journey of Queen Maud's coffin

1 | The royal mausoleum at Akershus castle in 2005 | Photo: Per E. Hadland /

  The Norwegian royal family had a narrow escape in April 1940, fleeing Oslo and the German occupational forces. But what happened to the coffin of the recently departed Queen Maud of Norway? Was it safe during those five long years of war? Maud was No...

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Norway – the two Trøndelag counties to merge

The Nidaros cathedral - Trondheim | Photo: alexpermyakov - Fotolia.

  As a first such an event in modern times: Norwegian counties Sør-Trøndelag and Nord-Trøndelag have decided to merge. The name of the new county will be Trøndelag. The change - if approved by the Norwegian Parliament, Stortinget - is expected to take...

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Norway 1895: dead man in the fjord. A returned emigrant?

The churchyard in Moss, Norway. | Photo: Anne Anstensen Jensen.

  It was midsummer 1895. An older man was found drifting in the fjord just outside Moss, Norway - shot in the temple with a revolver. He was later buried in an unmarked grave. The story is real but it sounds like the start of a crime novel. Who was thi...

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Norway: old love never dies - 1895 anno domini


  This tiny but beautiful love story was on print in the Norwegian newspaper Moss Avis 13 July 1895. Neither the great Atlantic ocean nor time could separate what was meant to be. It goes to show that true love conquers all. "In 1868, a 22 year old b...

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Sæterhaugen farm - Øvre Sæter - Surnadal - Norway

Sæterhaugen farm - Surnadal - Norway | This photo is a copy from the book 'Heimar i Surnadal - band I' from 1966 - written by Hans Hyldbakk | Copyright: Surnadal kommune

  In 1942, Hans Hyldbakk wrote the history of the local cotter's holdings in Surnadal, Nordmøre, Norway. The book was updated in 1966. Below, you will find a non-professional translation of the text describing what was originally the Sæterhaugen cotter...

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