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Alice Brownbridge

Alice Hunter

  Alice Hunter, born 17th March 1912, to Andrew Taylor Hunter and Mary Elizabeth Metcalfe, was my maternal grandmother, wife of John Charles Brownbridge. She was one of nine children, and from what my mother tells me, a bit of a rebel in the family...

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Andrew Taylor Hunter

Andrew Taylor Hunter.

  Andrew Taylor Hunter was born in Sunderland on 8th May 1889 and died in Blyth Northumberland in 1972. He married Mary Elizabeth Metcalfe on 21st September 1907, and their first child, David, came along on 3rd March 1908.  It doesn't take a...

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John Charles Brownbridge

John in DLI uniform

  John Charles Brownbridge was born 19th February 1901 in Blyth, Northumberland the second-youngest of six children born to William Brownbridge and Eleanor Quail Ismay, and died in June 1964 in Blyth. He was my mother's father. I was only four w...

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Linda Bruce

Linda, aged about 2

  Hi there, I'm Linda Bruce, formerly Boyle, nee Cammack and I was born in Blyth, Northumberland, England.  I'm hoping to leave some social information for my family's future descendants to help them in tracing the movements of my family....

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Linda Bruce

Alice Brownbridge, Linda Cammack, Paul Bruce, Roy Cammack

  I was born 29th April 1960 to Roy Cammack and Alice Hunter Brownbridge, in Blyth Northumberland, England. I have a brother Graeme, born 3rd September 1962 who now lives near Johannesburg, South Africa. You can see more of my family memory profil...

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Mary Elizabeth Metcalfe

Mary Elizabeth Metcalfe.

  Mary Elizabeth was my maternal great-grandmother. I was privileged to know her for the last 13 years of her life. She was a lovely lady, and respected by all the family. Her early life is a total mystery to all of the family. She was born in S...

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My life so far

Dad at Dunning Glen

  For future generations to understand what my life was like. I was born in Blyth, Northumberland, and spent the first four years of my life living with my mother, brother, grandparents and aunts/uncles at 39 Croft Road. My father was in the Roya...

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The Hunter Family

Family group at a wedding

  The Hunters are my maternal ancestors. Andrew and Mary were my great grandparents.  They raised nine children;  David, Mary Elizabeth, Alice ,  Andrew, Margaret Annie, Irene, Lawrence, Ronald and Iris.  Only Lawrence and...

 Family history   United Kingdom   Linda Bruce

William Brownbridge

William Brownbridge.

  William Brownbridge was my great-grandfather. I never knew him, as he died before my mother was born. Born in Bishop Auckland County Durham on 16 Feb 1867, William was the son of William Brownbridge and Elizabeth Ann Bygate.  William Snr. w...

 Family history   United Kingdom   Linda Bruce

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