E0-01 History of emigration from Nordmøre

«History of emigration from Nordmøre» - Peder (Pete) Øien plowing on North Manitou Island.

  In 1985, Dordi Glærum Skuggevik and her son Magne set out on an epic journey - from Nordmøre in Norway to forests and prairie in the promised land of North-America. Where did they go all those people emigrating from Stangvik and Surnadal a generation...

 Artikkel   USA   Dordi Glærum Skuggevik / Sjur Sivertson (transl)

E0-02 Foreword

Photoreference 103/1: Fredrik Hommelstad and the family in Northport | Belongs to: Eda Olsen | Copy: Bud Palin.

  My hope is that this book will open a "peephole" for those of us who stayed behind - on our emigrants and what happened after the boat rounded the headland and the fjord of childhood closed behind them. Full list of chapters - Liste ov...

 Artikkel   USA   Dordi Glærum Skuggevik / Sjur Sivertson (transl)

EI-1 «Flesh and blood»

Photo reference 252/1: Johanna, Gyda and Nils on the steps of the house on the farm about 1916 | Belongs to: Geirtrud Storholt.

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 Artikkel   USA   Dordi Glærum Skuggevik / Sjur Sivertson (transl)

EI-1 Abstracts of the emigration records

1 | Nordmøre - Stangvik og Surnadal parish. Reprinted from Cappelen maps with the publisher's permission.

  After the emigration lists for Stangvik and Surnadal were completed, it was clear that one would have to try to discover what lay between the lines and behind the dates. The lists are the bare "bones". Would one be able to find, today, th...

 Artikkel   USA   Dordi Glærum Skuggevik / Sjur Sivertson (transl)

EII-04 The islands, East Jordan and Elk Rapids

Photo reference 142/1: Peder (Pete) Øien plowing on North Manitou Island - Stormer's farm | Belongs to: Eleanor Øien | Copy: Bud Palin.

  From the western side of the Leelanau peninsula near Northport, one can see the large islands North and South Manitou, the Fox Islands, and Beaver Island. Here there were once boatyards, fisheries, and lumber camps. A goodly number of our folks worke...

 Artikkel   USA   Dordi Glærum Skuggevik / Sjur Sivertson (transl)

EII-05 Elberta and Frankfort

Photo reference 146/1: The entrance to Frankfort. Elberta is just across Betsie Bay on the left.

  Harrison Averill was the first resident in the region. He arrived in 1851 with his wife, child, and a work crew, and started a dam and sawmill near Lower Herring Lake south of Betsie Lake. The next settlement started in Elberta in 1855 when the Robar...

 Artikkel   USA   Dordi Glærum Skuggevik / Sjur Sivertson (transl)

EII-06 Our mariners on Lake Michigan

Photo reference 171/3: A ferry no longer in use - Elberta, wanted as a future museum. Frankfort is at the other side of Betsie Bay. (1985)

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 Artikkel   USA   Dordi Glærum Skuggevik / Sjur Sivertson (transl)

EII-1 The first - and why Michigan?

Isak Garte.

  Kristen Isakson Garte must have been the instigator and "architect" behind the start of the emigration from the Stangvik/Surnadal region. Previous chapter - Full list of chapters - Liste over kapitler på norsk  - Next chapter...

 Artikkel   USA   Dordi Glærum Skuggevik / Sjur Sivertson (transl)

EII-2 Northport

Photo reference 092/1: Kathy Holton (Holten) f. Hommelstad. «Centennial Queen of Northport» (100th anniversary queen.) The spinning wheel (rokk) was brought from Norway. Photo taken in 1947. | Belongs to: Dick Hanson.

  The first white man to settle in Northport was the Lutheran pastor, George Nelson Smith, in 1849. He purchased his first apple trees in Omena Point from the Indian chieftain Shabwasung, chief of the Chippewas. Previous chapter - Full list of cha...

 Artikkel   USA   Dordi Glærum Skuggevik / Sjur Sivertson (transl)

EII-3 Suttons Bay

Photo reference 116/1: Suttons Bay High School - Home of the Norsemen.

  The first white family to settle in Suttons Bay was that of Harry C. Sutton of New York. They arrived in 1854. All was then covered by forest. The Sutton family initially shared a two-room log cabin with an Indian family, until they completed their o...

 Artikkel   USA   Dordi Glærum Skuggevik / Sjur Sivertson (transl)

EIII-01 Farther westward - Minnesota - Jackson

Photo reference 214/1: Ole G. Sogge (Teigavollen) and Guri born Trøan | Belongs to: Ole J. Sogge | Copy: Petrick Studio.

  They reached Jackson on June 12th and spent the next month in a camp in the Belmont area. The state land office had placed stakes around their claims so they might locate their land, and all helped in plowing up a little land for each other and diggi...

 Artikkel   USA   Dordi Glærum Skuggevik / Sjur Sivertson (transl)

EIII-03 Kandiyohi County - Willmar

Photo reference 221/1: Ole Erickson Follerøli. Here with his daughter Jeannie | Belongs to: Florence Erickson.

  Later we met the descendants of a Lofoten fisherman in Fort Ransom, North Dakota. Following a ferocious, stormy night on the Vestfjord, where one could only run before the wind to dry land, he said that he had enough. He went to America and settled w...

 Artikkel   USA   Dordi Glærum Skuggevik / Sjur Sivertson (transl)

EIII-16 Wisconsin - Eau Claire

Photo reference 289/2: Anna Nelson in a Shakespeare play at college. Stevens Point. | Belongs to: Robert Nelson.

  Ole Polden, a young Norwegian lad, died December 23rd at Luther Hospital of pneumonia, which he contracted while working in the woods. He has been in this country for three or four years. This was a noble lad, one of the few newcomers who knew enough...

 Artikkel   USA   Dordi Glærum Skuggevik / Sjur Sivertson (transl)

EIII-17 Stanley

Photo reference 293/2: Lars I. Roe (Utistua Røv) and Ellen b. Krangness. The children: Standing - Norman, Ludwig, Imbert, Bertha, Herman and Edwin. At the front: Bernard, Borghild and Edna. | Belongs to: Borghild Syrdal.

  Around Maret, all the colors were gray and brown, or freshly scrubbed wood. Only the walls inside her cottage were colored. The dress fabric shimmered in Maret's lap. Maret said to her big sister, "Now they'll really stop calling this big girl t...

 Artikkel   USA   Dordi Glærum Skuggevik / Sjur Sivertson (transl)

EIII-18 The church records in Strum

The grave of Lars Aasen. Illustration photo from St Paul Lutheran Cemetery - Strum Wiconsin. From findagrave.com | Photo: James Seidelman

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 Artikkel   USA   Dordi Glærum Skuggevik / Sjur Sivertson (transl)

EIII-19 Rice Lake

Photo reference 306/1: Johan Halle, Gunda Halle (on the right) and Gunda's sister Margaret Naess. Rice Lake 1985.

  On one of her trips, she dug up a small sapling tree and wrapped it around her waist beneath her clothes to smuggle the tree into the USA. She planted it on their gravesite in order to have a part of her home with her in the New World. Previous ch...

 Artikkel   USA   Dordi Glærum Skuggevik / Sjur Sivertson (transl)

EIV-1 Diaries - Peder P. Sande

Read more about Peder Sande in chapter EIII-04 Fergus Falls - Otter Tail County - Underwood.

  At 9 am, we cross a large bridge that is the largest structure I have ever seen. It was over a fjerding long and built of iron and stone, and a large city, Montreal, was on the other side of the river. Previous chapter -  Full list of cha...

 Artikkel   USA   Dordi Glærum Skuggevik / Sjur Sivertson (transl)

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