This photo shows the family of Anna Helene (born Olsen) and Henrik Andreas Evensen - from Moss in Norway. Sadly, Henrik was not present when the photo was taken but see separate photo of him under "Photos" above.

There is a story related to why Henrik was not there to be photographed that day - but I will be saving that for a later occasion.

My link to this family is Bergliot Dahlmann (sitting to the left) who was my dear grandmother. Anna and Henrik were my great grandparents. Sadly, both Anna and Henrik died before I was born but you can read a bit about Anna in her granddaughter Wenche Dahlmann's letter to the future (the profile is in Norwegian but click on the 'Translate' link and you will get a rough automated translation into English).

Sitting from the left
Bergliot Evensen, born 25 February 1918 - married Dahlmann
Reidar Andreas Evensen, born 29 January 1920
Anna Helene Olsen, Born 17 September 1884 - married Evensen
Einar Henry Evensen, born 12 March 1927
Martha Olava Evensen, born 15 August 1912 - married Gudmundsen

Standing from the left
Rolf Johan Evensen, born 17 August 1916
Gunvor Helene Evensen, born 3 November 1910 - married Kristoffersen
Hedvig Elvine Evensen, born 28 July 1906 - married Hansen
Julie Marie "Sunna" Evensen, born 21 March 1908 - married Lauritzen
Kristian Alfred Evensen, born 17 June 1914

Henrik Andreas Evensen was born 1 November 1883.

Anna og Henrik also had another child, born 17 September 1909. This was a little baby boy who sadly died before he was baptised and given a name - on the 17 October 1909 - only a month old. He was buried on the 22 October 1909. There must have been a great sense of grief in the house of the young family Evensen. From the records we can see that the little one passed away during the night - with no previous signs of having an illness of any kind.

Now the whole family is reunited - on the other side of time.

Del denne siden