IF OUR ANCESTORS could come back to tell us a story – what do you think they would say? Would they be as different from us as we often think they were? Would we be stunned at the similarities?

THE MODERN MAN is not unique - no matter how much we think it to be true. The notion of superiority is simply just part of the age-old arrogance of the living. Mankind's ability to dream, laugh, love, make friends and to grieve our loved ones is timeless and universal. It will always be the same.

I SOMETIMES VISIT my ancestors in a daydream - my great-great-great-grandmother Carolina perhaps. I picture her sitting in front of me, by the fireplace in winter, or under the warming sun in summer. I could listen to her stories for hours. How I would have loved to be able to capture the tales that she could tell me. And to send them forward in time. So that all her descendants could get to know her. Just like her family and friends knew her when they were all here.

TELLING OUR STORIES to the future is our way of sharing with our descendants. They deserve to get to know their history. They deserve to understand who we are - and thus who they are.

WHEN THEY ARE here, we are no longer. Such is the passing of time.

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