3 July 1988, Therese Johannessen (9) was abducted from outside her home at Fjell, Drammen in Norway. She has never been heard of or seen since. Can you help bring peace to Therese's family?

It has been more than 25 years of torment for her mother Inger-Lise Johannessen and the rest of her family. They have never given up hope of seeing their beloved Therese again.

One recent theory - as reported by vg.no - is that Therese was abducted by the family of a Pakistani man in Norway who had a relationship with Therese’s mother prior to Therese being born - erroneously assuming that Therese was his biological daughter.

Therese may have been immediately taken out of Norway and flown to Pakistan.

Then, in 1988, she was only 9 years old. Today she would be 34. Maybe herself a mother.

Do you have any information about what happened to Therese on that day? The Statute of limitations of this case has expired and in accordance with Norwegian law you can now come forward without fear of prosecution.

Please contact Norwegian police on e-mail: kripos[at]politiet.no - OR - post.sondre.buskerud[at]politiet.no

Help bring some peace to a mother's broken heart.

Therese, should you be in a position to be reading this - let there be no doubt - your mummy loves you very, very much and has never stopped looking for you - not for one single day. Follow the link to nrk.no below and see that the pain of losing you is as strong today as it was 25 years ago. No matter what - you are in our hearts - now and for all times.

The above scenario may or may not be correct - but we can not afford to leave any stone unturned. Should we be wrong, we ask for the Pakistani family's understanding and forgiveness.

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