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«HISTORY OF EMIGRATION FROM NORDMØRE - Stangvik and Surnadal parishes»
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The Ranesbakk Family
On route from Blair to Stanley, a "lightning" visit was undertaken through the church records in Strum, after a considerable detour, to find out whether there were Surnadalers here, where Lars Nergård had found only Rindalers.

The cantor, organist, and parish-teacher were, in any case, from Surnadal. Fred Ranes was born in 1844 and married Eli, born in 1846, from Surnadal. Children: Caroline, Anna, John, Johan, Peder, and Marit. Fred died in 1911 at the age of 67. Eli died in 1938, nearly 100 years old.

This family proves to be from Ranesbakken, one of the fine farms in the flatlands, which was sold at a forced auction in 1889. The parents followed, according to HH.


Burials possibly of those from Surnadal

Erik Holden, 75 years
Elise Holden, 2 weeks, baptized at home

Allis Holden, 4 1/2 years

Peder Ranoss (Ranes?), 3 1/4 years, born in St. Pauli Congregation

Peder Bevre, 28 years, born in Surendalen

Ingeborg Sogge, 34 years, born in Surendalen
Jakob Marius Sogge, 1 month, born in St. Pauli

Albert Aasen, 6 months, born in St. Pauli

Ragna Anton Aasen, 13 months

Anne E. Holden, 79 years, born in Norway

Ragna Amanda Aasen, 7 months
Sven E. Holden, 50 years
Betsy J. Moe, 27 years

Sigvald Holden, 3 3/4 years

Olave Shermo, 53 years, Orkedalen

Fred Ranes, 67 years, Surendalen
Inger Johanne Holden, 53 years
Jertrud Ness, 55 years, Norway

Rolf Melling, 64 years, Norway

Cornelius Holden, 55 years, Tolgen, Norway (The Holden family may be from Tolga.)

Lars Andersen Aasen, 62 years, Surendalen, Norway, consumption

Hans Oscar Ness, born in Chimney Rock, 34 1/2 years

Anna Anderson Aasen, 68 years, born in Norway

Eli Ranes 99 (98?) years, born in Norway


The List of Registered Members
Erik Olsen Holden, born 1813, Trondheim, member 1877.
Wife Anna Elizabeth, born 1822.
Children: Thore '50, Sven '52, John '52, Cornelius '58, Ingeborg '60.
(The Romundstad family joined the same year.)
Ole J. Hoonstad, born 1850, member 1879. (?)
Wife Caroline J.
Ole L. Shermo, born 1843 in Surendalen.
Wife Hanne, born 1854 in Ørkedalen.
Children: Lars born 1876.
Sven Holden, Johanna, Edvart, Alis.
Thore L. Moen, Norway, moved to Eau Claire.
Johanne and Lars Emmegoord.
Fred Ranes, see above.
Rolf Melling, admitted 1880.
Karen (Kari?), born in Norway.
Children: Anne, Inga, Marie, Lovise.
Ellef and Jertrud Ness, born in Norway.
Arne and Anna Moe.
Teodor and wife Johanne Shermo, admitted 1910.
Hans P. Sveen (Biri?).
John G. Næss.
John E. Holden, Tolgen.
Elmer (Hallvard?) Holden.
Mrs. Ellen Ranes, born 1847, admitted 1896, from Norway.
Ellen Ranes, born 1888 in Wisconsin.
Mathilde Ranes, born 1890 in Wisconsin.
Lars Shermo, born 1876, admitted 1903.
Mary '83, Otis '06, Lawrence '11, Mildred Adeline '16.
Ole Martin Moe, 1882.
Emil Melling, born 1904 in Wisconsin.
Martin Moen, born 1882.
Mina '82, Goodwin '17, Milton '20.
Theodore Shermo 1883.
Jannie, 1886, Big Creek.
Erwin Shermo, 1911.
Dorothy Shermo.
Lars and Mary Shermo, born in Wisconsin.


This was copied from the records of the St. Pauli Lutheran Church in Strum. There wasn't time for a full investigation of the old congregations at West Beef River, Elk Creek, and Bruce Valley. But one sees that folks from Bastian Nordvik's account lists for his Porters Mills boarding house became farmers in the region, and Surnadalers dwelt together with Rindalers in Strum.


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