Nils Sogge was my grandfather. He was born in Norway September 27, 1838 to Gunnhild Pedersdatter Holten and Lars Ragson on the farm Teigan, near Surnadal. He was christened October 28, 1838 at Ranes Church, Surnadal.  In old Norwegian Land Books, the Teigan farm was named Sogge. From the 1500‘s through the 1700‘s its name changed according to the name of its owner. Nils emigrated on the vessel JOHAN with his brothers Lars and Ingbright from Kristiansund to Quebec City, Quebec May 12, 1868. Nils and Lars homesteaded near Jackson, Minnesota. Location of Ingbright, born January 23, 1848, is unknown. A fourth brother, Ola born July 1, 1844 is said to have emigrated but no record of him leaving Norway or arriving America has been found.  Nils died March 8, 1923, Lars died December 14, 1911.  Both are  buried in Hauges Cemetery near Jackson. (Nils Larsen Sogge - Photo #1)

Nils married Karen Mathiasdatter Danielson, born January 1, 1857 near Vemundvik, Norway. She was christened June 21, 1857 at Vedmundvig Church, Namsos.  Karen emigrated in 1866 with her Erickson grandparents. Her Danielson family came later. Karen died November 15, 1894 in Jackson County, Minnesota due to complications during birth of my dad, Ed Sogge. There is no known photo of Karen.  She is buried in Hauges Cemetery near Jackson.  (Hauges Cemetery, Jackson, Minnesota - Photo #2)

In the 1800‘s most Norwegian records were kept by the Church. A Namsos church record shows Otto and Juliana Olsdatter Ingebrigston Erickson and their family plus nine year old Karen Mathiasdatter Danielson leaving the church April 8, 1866 for America. Records of the bark GUASTAV ADOLPHE show the Erickson family plus Karen sailing on the ship from Namsos May 14 arriving Quebec City, Quebec June 16, 1866.  There were 352 Norwegians on the ship. Six children died from cold and debility. One baby was born but died before arriving Quebec.  Otto and Juliana Erickson homesteaded in 1881 near Jackson and are buried in Hauges Cemetery.  (Bark Gustav Adolphe - Photo #3)

Karens parents were Mathias and Johanna Ottesdatter Erickson Danielsen.  Mathias was born March 19, 1820 in Vemundvik, Norway.  Johanna was born October 30, 1828 in Vemundvik.  Mathias, Johanna and six children emigrated on the vessel NEW BRUNSWICK from Namsos May 12 arriving Quebec City, Quebec July 28, 1870. The Danielsens settled in Almake County, Iowa  then homesteaded near Jackson in 1885 and later relocated to Black River Falls, Wisconsin.  Mathias and Johanna are at rest in Little Norway Lutheran Church Cemetery, Black River Falls, Wisconsin.  (Vessel New Brunswick - Photo #4)

My Grandfather Nils worked at home until he finished his schooling and was confirmed in the State Church of Norway at the age of sixteen. He then traveled to Trondheim and got a job as an apprentice to a small scale shoe manufacturer and shoe repairman.  While Nils was an apprentice he received no pay except his room, board and clothes. Nils was to learn the trade and at the end of three years, he would go on his own as a shoemaker. At the end of the three years he had became very proficient at shoemaking and his employer hired him to stay on as a shoe salesman. Nils job was to peddle shoes to people around the country. The shoes were carried in large boxes which he brought with him from place to place. (One of Nils shoe boxes he brought from Norway - Photo #5)

Many young people around Surnadal were leaving the country for America. Cousins of the brothers had gone to America and were tempting them with flowery letters from the land of opportunity across the ocean. Nils brother Lars was a tailor but was becoming dissatisfied with his work.  Nils was tiring of his shoe work.  Finally, Nils and Lars decided to leave their home and family and go to America.  

Passenger list of the vessel JOHAN shows Nils, Lars and Ingbright Sogge.  A Wedding Certificate shows Nils Larsen marrying Karen Danielsen at Belmont in Jackson County, Minnesota April 18, 1872.  It was common at that time for sons to take the name of their father.  Nils father was Lars Ragson so Nils was  Lars son, or Nils Larsen.  Family story is Nils later changed his name back to Sogge because there were several Larsens or Larsons in the area and that caused problems delivering mail.

Karen was fifteen years old when she married Nils.  Karen bore twelve children, first was Oscar born March 6, 1873.  Oscar only lived fifteen years.  Last was Edei born October 30, 1894, he passed away September 27, 1988.  Karen died sixteen days after the birth.  I have Nils and Karens Norwegian Family Bible.  It is dated 1879, Oslo.  My Grandfather wrote the name and birth date of each of their children in the back of the bible.  Edei is the last name, he was my Dad. (Nils and Karens Norwegian Family Bible - Photo #6)  (Childrens names in their family bible - Photo #7)

Children of Nils and Karenn.

Oscar born March 6, 1873.  Died May 6, 1888.  Buried in unmarked cemetery near Jackson.

John born 1874.  Died at birth.  Buried in same unmarked cemetery near Jackson.

John Ludwig born July 1, 1876.  Married Nettie Hamland.  John Ludwig died Oct. 13, 1962.  Buried Hauges Cemetry, Jackson.

Oluf born April 16, 1878.  As a teanager Oluf stayed with a neighbor couple, Elias and Josepha Julien.  The Juliens moved to a homestead near Adams, North Dakota and Oluf moved with them and took their last name, Julien.  Oluf married Eliza Hanson.  Oluf died November 18, 1967 and is buried in Edmore Cemetry, Edmore ND.

Gea Marie born March 15, 1880.  Gea followed her brother Oluf to North Dakota and married Henry Bono.  Gea died November 21, 1959 and is buried in Edmore Cemetery, Edmore, ND.

Louis born January 24, 1882. Lewis married Mathilda Hammer.  Lewis died September 18, 1967 and is buried in Crystal Lake Cemetery, Hennepin County, Mn.

James born February 25, 1884.  James never married.  James died March 10, 1964 and is buried in Veterans Memorial Park, Vancouver, British Columbia.

Ida born March 2, 1886.  Ida left home as a teanager.  She is on the Trail County, North Dakota census of 1915, nothing else is known of Ida.

Tilda born March 8, 1888.  Tilda married Martin Bjorgum.  Tilda died March 9, 1986 and is buried in Kingman Cemetery, Kingman, Alberta.

Oscar born May 29, 1890.  Oscar died in 1891 and is buried in Hauges Cemetery, Jackson.

Clara born January 31, 1892.  Clara died in 1893 and is buried in Hauges Cemetery, Jackson.

Edei born October 30, 1894.  Ed married Sophie Twait.  Ed died September 27, 1988 and is buried in Champlin Cemetery, Champlin, Mn.

The death of Karen left a void in the family and Nils found it was difficult to farm and take care of the children.  Neighbors were helpful with farm help, food and assistance with the children. Edei needed milk to survive.  One of Karens aunts living nearby, Pernella Erickson, had given birth to a baby and was almost finished nursing.  She took baby Edei and nursed him as her own until he could eat other food.  My Dad survived.  (My Grandfather Nils and my Dad Ed, four years old - Photo #8)









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