Imagine a world that no longer remembers anything about a person that meant a lot to you. For many of us a difficult thought. is not a traditional genealogy website but a memorypedia and a sagahouse where you can write, publish and share your own articles - or saga-chapters as we call them.

Our database is open to the search engines - like an online newspaper - and the website is 100% free to use.

Our main purpose is to share and preserve the memories of the living - to be a primary source and a treasure box for the genealogists of the future.

A saga-chapter should be informative in its form - but never private.

Historically, only the lives of the rich, famous and infamous were chronicled for the benefit of future generations. In today's digitalised world - for the first time in history - the living generations have a unique opportunity to easily store and share information and memories about the lives of the ordinary people.

Memories come in all shapes and forms - from all over the world - related to people from all walks of life. Every individual is unique - and the story of their lives will always be unique. is an attempt to establish a database where such memories can be stored and shared. The principle is simple - the possibilities immense.

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