Creating your own articles and saga-chapters is easy. Create your first saga-chapter by completing these simple initial steps.

1. Register as a user by completing the registration form
First you register as a user by completing a simple user registration form. is 100% free to use. Immediately after you have completed the form, a welcome e-mail containing your login details - AND - an activation link will be sent to your e-mail address.

You can find the user registration form here.

2. Activate your user registration
An important next step is to activate your user registration by clicking the activation link in the welcome e-mail. The activation link is there to ensure database security and this is something that you only need to do the first time you log in.

When you click the activation link in your welcome e-mail, you will be logged in directly.

Should you encounter any problems during the registration process, please do not hesitate to contact us.

3. Start creating your first saga-chapter straightaway
When you have registered - and activated your user account - and are logged in - you can immediately start creating your first saga-chapter.

You can create as many different saga-chapters as you like and you can individually decide whether to make them public or not (see Terms of use).

4. Saga-chapters can be very simple or more comprehensive
Your saga-chapters can be very simple - or very detailed. It is better to include the little data that you have than not to create a saga-chapter at all.

Why not start with a very simple saga-chapter with some basic information and take it from there.

The "In memory of" saga-chapter type also contains the possibility of adding life events and relations - and is a great place to start if you are not comfortable with writing a full text. Adding life event data will create a text for you.

5. Always aim to be informative - never private is an open database and we should always remember that what we write about is fully in the public domain. A good rule of thumb is never to write about others what you wouldn't want others to write about you. A saga-chapter should be informative - never private.

6. Uploading photos
Photos contain so much information and history and we incourage you to upload photos from all parts of someone's life.

When uploading photos, try to include as much information about the photo as you possibly can in the photo caption text or in the main text. For example, try naming all the persons in the photo, where and when the photo was taken etc. Ask older relatives if possible.

The photos are sorted alphabetically. A good rule of thumb is to give every photo a number - or a letter - at the beginning of the photo caption text - for example the year it was taken: "1921: This is aunt Gladys on a trip to Bermuda.". But any index number or letter will do. This gives you the opportunity to control in which order the photos come - AND - it will also make it easier for you to refer to a particular photograph in your main text.

Always remember to respect copyright restrictions.

7. Seven different saga-chapter types
We have created seven different saga-chapter types for you to use. Except for the "In memory of" saga-chapter type, the categories are quite similar and are mainly there to trigger your imagination. Only your imagination limits the topics that you can write about.

8. Share your saga-chapters with family and friends
You can easily share your saga-chapters with family and friends through e-mail or social media. Depending on your device you will find the share-buttons readily availble.

All saga-chapters will also be picked up by the search engines - like Google, Bing etc. - unless you have set the saga-chapter status to 'Private'. A saga-chapter set to "Private" will only bee seen by you - and only when you are logged in (see Terms of use).

Should you have any questions or issues, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Good luck with creating your own saga-chapters and articles!

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