Privacy, loss and grief are also important factors in what we can define as memories. That is why we so clearly in our terms of use have stated that the creator of all saga-chapters must show the highest degree of empathy and respect.

We should never write a text - or upload photos or other material - that would cause offence to any person - living or no longer among the living. This is a responsibility that we as users need to consider when we create our saga-chapters. The general rule is that we are informative but never private.

Should you ever be in doubt: try to speak to people that were close to the person that you write about - if at all possible. Or ask someone close to you what they think. Remember that what may not seem so hurtful to a sister may be devastating to a person's mother or child. It is better to omit difficult information as a sign of respect rather than to insist on including it.

As users we are also responsible for abiding by the legislation specific to your country - and to the cultural code of conduct that the person that we are describing identified herself/himself with. is thanking you for taking on that responsbility.

If you would like to attract our attention to data that feels difficult then please contact us here.

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