Here are some tips on how you can start shaping your saga-chapters. One important thing to remember is that there is no right or wrong way of creating a saga-chapter. Good luck with your work.

The purpose of this website is to be a repository of all types of memories - and any information is better than no information. Below, we have listed some items that might trigger your mind.

Please don't hesitate to send us a message if you have suggestions on items that we should add to the list.


1. Always show empathy and respect for privacy and cultural codes of conduct. Be informative but never private.

2. Write in your own language - or in English or another language if you prefer.

3. Create links to other saga-chapters from your main profile text.

4. When describing an individual, try to complete as much "technical data" as possible (date of birth, place of birth etc).

5. Include details like eye colour, hair colour etc.

6. Create a list of family and friends etc. in the 'Relation' section (mother, father, siblings, children, etc).

7. Upload photos and describe as much as possible about the people and places in them, when they were taken, the occasion etc.

8. When describing a person, try to find photos and memories from their whole lifespan if possible.

9. The photo caption (text) has a limited number of characters. If you need more space then include the description in your main text with a reference to the photo (please make sure that the reader can associate it to the correct photo) - or create a separate section in your text where you describe the photos more closely (and maybe just put a photo number in the caption as reference).

10. If possible, always write the full name of person(s) in photograph.

11. Some other keywords: childhood, friends, school, work, addresses, hobbies, general interests, musical interests, literary interests, sense of humour etc.

12. Write your own autobiography - or parts thereof. Upload photos that means a lot to you.

13. Write about groups/people that should be remembered.

14. Write about local history and topics that interest you.

15. Send us additional suggestions here.

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