You can easily create a link from the main text in your saga-chapter - for example by highlighting a name - to another saga-chapter by following the steps below. You can also create an internal link in the "Links" section. The latter is the easiest option.

Steps to create a link from the actual text to another saga-chapter

1. First, go to the saga-chapter that you would like to make a link TO - and copy the full URL address showing in your webbrowser's address field - normally at the top of your screen.

For example:

2. Then go to the maintenance section of the saga-chapter that you are linking FROM - and to the main text  - and highlight the part of the text that you would like to show as a link (for example a name).

3. Leave the text highlighted and click on the icon that looks like a chain. In the box that comes up you can paste in the full address that you copied - into the field called URL.

4. Save and go to view the saga-chapter. The link should now work and look like for example this: Robert MacIlvaine Long.

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