You can easily create a link from one part of your main text to another - for example from a list of chapters at the top of the saga-chapter to the correct chapter headings further down in the main text.

1. When you are in the saga-chapter maintenance section - and the main text - then go to the place in the text that you would like the link to take you TO - and place the cursor just in front of the word that you would like to jump to.

2.Then click on the icon that looks like a flag. In the box that opens up, give this particular spot in the text a unique name (please remember this name for the next step).

3. The next step is to highlight the part of the text that you would like to create a link FROM. Click on the icon that looks like a chain. In the box that comes up - under 'Link type' select the link type 'Link to anchor in the text' and select the correct anchor name from the dropdown box 'By anchor name'.

4. Save and go to view the saga-chapter. The link should now work.

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