By going to 'My account', you will easily be able to delete the individual saga-chapters and their content. When it comes to the user account - see further details below. One major concern is that you accidentally delete all your saga-chapters by mistake - and thus lose your body of work for always.

To delete your user account, please got to 'My account' and select 'My user data' and then 'Deactivate my user account'.

Please note that when deactivating your user account you will no longer be able to log in - and your saga-chapters will no longer be visible to the public. See our Terms of use for further details regarding how we will continue to store any none deleted saga-chapters.

Existing saga-chapters must be deleted individually from the "My account" list if you would like to delete all database content. We have chosen not to globally delete all saga-chapters and their content at the point of deactivating your user account - in case you should do this accidentally and thus lose your whole body of work.

You can reactivate your user account at a later stage should you wish to do so. The reactivation can be done by clicking the 'Reactivate old account' link on the login page. You will then have to reset all existing saga-chapters to "Public" individually.

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