Desnor, our shy cat who choose us.

Desnor, oh Desnor what can I tell about you?

I remember the first time we saw you, or rather, you saw us.
It was in the cat shelter where you came off your shelf (where, according to the staff you had been sitting on for quite some time) and looked at us. All I could say was:'Look at that one with the moustache (translated 'de snor'), he is so cute!'
But all you could think was:'Yes, I am very cute, much better than the other cat you're looking at. Now take me home please?!'

You were very shy and frightened at first, but slowly you warmed to us.
And although you liked us, you didn't like your new housemate Azrael, who was a bit rough in playing. But the two of you managed.

You didn't have many adventures, preferring to have a more calm existence.
You could lie on the couch like a crashed AT-AT walker from Star Wars, or be in a huff when you had done something which wasn't allowed.
One time your little heart beat so irregurlarly we thought you wouldn't make it. And when you had your ECG at a pet's hospital, the vet thought it was consistent with foxglove poisoning (a very poisonous plant, to humans too by the way!).
Luckily you made it, although I think you used all your 7 lives at once.

We moved to Scotland, taking you and Azrael with us on the ferry. You were hiding the long trip behind the basket, putting more pressure on your heart.

Unfortunately after only one year in Scotland, your heart stopped beating.
And luckily for you, that was it.
To us it was a big shock to loose a cat so suddenly, but we know it was the way you wanted to go.

Just how it was also your will to come and live with us.

Bye, bye, Desnorretje Borretje met je leuke Snorretje.


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