No name, no history. This is how this tomcat was dropped off in a box in front of the cat shelter in Amersfoort, the Netherlands in the year 2002.

We found him lying on a shelf in the cat shelter looking like he was six or seven years old. But by determining the age from his teeth, he was two years of age at the most. A shy, but very sweet cat.

Another cat 'Mogli' was trying to get our attention when we walked away. Then Mr nameless came down his shelf and approached us cautiously. "Don't walk away! I'm cute and sweet too, if you take good care of me."
So, because he had chosen us, we took him home a week later.

Mr nameless had a distinct white moustache, so we decided to name him 'De snor', which means 'The moustache' in Dutch. So, Desnor was given a new start and really started to brighten up. We already had a four year old tomcat, called Azrael. The first few months were difficult and often ended up in a tug of war. But the good news was, he started to look like a 2 year old cat again! Desnor would also sit on your lap, if everything was quiet and peaceful.

Desnor started to talk more and more and often came home with many stories. Most of them boasting about his catch of the day. 

His velvet fur made many cats jealous, but he kept the secret on how he maintained it like that to himself.

more soon.....

Jan-Pieter and Josine Atsma

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